Support Us

There is a great “buzz” in the air, on the day, at the Festival, but there is also a huge reward in being part of making it happen, and you can be a part of that. How big a part you play in making this event happen is entirely up to you; no contribution of time or effort is too small to be received with heartfelt thanks.

Don’t have much time available?
Perhaps you could come along on the day before Festival day and help with setting out chairs, etc.

Good with words?
Perhaps write us a blurb.

Good organizer?
Our committee always needs such people, and you don’t have to attend loads of meetings.

Good with people?
Our stewards work three to a room to help things go smoothly, so they are part of a mutually supportive team, no one is dropped in the deep end, and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun.

So, there you have it — the chance to see and hear great talent being displayed, and to know that YOU were an important part of making it happen. We would love to hear from you.

Be a part of something really worthwhile.