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  • 2023 Festival Winners

    Yet another year has the RNKMD Festival focusing on highlighting the musical and dramatic activities in the Rochester and North Kent region. Explore our 2023 festival winners through the gallery slider we’ve provided.

  • 2023 Concert Winners

    The Championship concert is a prestigious event that highlights the top performers in various categories. This type of concert provides a platform for those who have achieved exceptionally high scores, as determined by adjudicators during a festival. The fact that a separate day is designated for these performances suggests the significance and recognition given to…

  • 2022 Festival Winners

    RNKMD Festival is all about showcasing what goes on in the Rochester and North Kent area with regards to music and drama. We have provided a gallery slider for you to see our 2022 winners. Undoubtedly one of our most exciting festivals, coming after the disruption of the Covid Pandemic. We congratulate all the winners…

  • 2022 Championship Concert Performers

    The Championship concert is a public concert where winners of the various categories who have scored very highly are chosen to give another excellent performance. The qualifying score is usually set by the adjudicators and another day after the festival is set aside for the performances.

  • Our Music festivals

    Did you know that just under 34 million people attended music concerts and festivals in the United Kingdom in 2019 (Marie Charlotte Götting, 2022). Music festivals bring together musicians and artists from all walks of life, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds. At RMKMD we invite amateur musicians, artists, and performers to participate in our festivals. Specifically,…